Become a Delegate

Step 1: Attend Your Precinct Meeting And Become A Precinct Officer.
Our party is organized into four levels of leadership: precinct, county, congressional district, and state. Precinct organizations are the most local level of the Democratic party.

To be a county convention delegate you must attend your local precinct meeting and be elected as an officer. Each precinct elects a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. The Chair and Vice Chair can not identify as the same gender. Precinct organizational meetings are organized by the local County Party Organization. Most of this year's precinct meetings will be held March 9, 2017.

Step 2: Attend your county convention and run to be a state delegate.
State convention delegates are elected at local county conventions. You do not need to be a delegate to your county convention to be elected as a delegate to the state convention. However, being a delegate to county convention means you can vote for yourself and others to be delegates to state convention. County conventions will be held March 25, 2017.

Step 3: Attend state convention and vote for Anna!
State party officers are elected every two years by the state delegates elected at county conventions. There are four state party officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Chair and Vice Chair cannot identify as the same gender, nor can the Secretary and Treasurer. State Convention will be held May 20, 2017 in Oklahoma City.

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